Signs from the universe

Have you ever asked for a signier sign from your guides or angels? I certainly have😂

🪶Well yesterday while out walking the dog, I saw little white feathers everywhere. In fact I have been seeing them everywhere for a few weeks. But I wasn’t sure if there were just a lot around for some reason or if spirit was trying to tell me something.

🪶So I took my own advice and asked – ‘if you are trying to send me a message can you give me a clearer sign, with a larger white feather on its own?’

🪶Well what did I see when I got home? A larger white feather all on its own, just inside one of the plant pots at the from of my house, that we had cleared only the day before.

When I saw the feather I just smile and said ‘Thanks Universe 🙏💗🙏‘ 

Signs can be anything, from a white feather, to being drawn to a certain line in a song , an image in your mind a sensation on your body, repeating numbers, a smell, a sound, anything really…but if you are unsure, just say thank you anyway as gratitude will life your vibration and make it more likely you can start receiving more signs. 

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