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Fearlessly Serene - 1-1 Programme

This intensive one-to-one Programme enables me to work with you, to help you to understand yourself better, and give yourself, the kindness and acceptance you deserve. The focus is to enable you to develop a happier, healthier relationship with yourself and in doing so, happier healthier relationships with others. As you start to own your worth, you can truly shine, knowing exactly who you are.


Using a combination of Serene Spiritual Coaching, hypnotherapy, and reading,  I will guide you to reconnect with your own inner divinity, bringing resilience, self-worth, and clarity about who you are, all of which we can feel so disconnected from after a toxic mother-daughter relationship. 

I will help you to better understand yourself and the impact this difficult relationship may have had on you and how you can start to heal those wounds.


I will also help you to develop a stronger connection with your Spirit Guides, so you can receive their unconditional love and guidance. This connection can help you to start seeing yourself in a whole new light, through a lens of love. This in turn will help you to create (or attract) more loving relationships in your life, whether with family, partners or friends.


Fearlessly Serene is available as a 1-month intensive or 3-month in-depth programme. 


Investment required – £777 for 1 month or £2222 for 3 months payment plans are available. 


Unsure or have any questions – remember I do offer a free 3o min chat via Zoom to see if we are the right fit – just get in touch at

The soul cleanse package

The Soul Cleanse package is a short programme to help you to regain some balance, strength, and a sense of peace. To help you reconnect with you. 

It is a unique, intense, and fascinating healing experience, that always brings deep learning and expansion. It can be emotional but always so beautiful.

If you are feeling heavy, lost, or blocked this is a great way to get you back on track and feeling yourself again.


This package includes:

 – 30-minute  consultation

 – an intensive Serene Spiritual® hypnotherapy session, (up to 3 hours) which can include:

  • Deep chakra cleanse
  • Connection with Spirit Guides
  • Past life exploration
  • Spirit Guide healing


Also included:

– Preparation guided relaxation recording

– Personalised Serene Spiritual® guided meditation recording to be listened to daily for 3 weeks, to embed and learning and wisdom that comes from the session. 

 – 30-minute follow-up session, 3 weeks after the session.


The investment required is £333


The SERENE Way is a 7 Step 7 Month online, group programme to help those who have experienced a difficult or harmful relationship with their mother, to rebuild their self-worth. 

By connecting you to your inner wisdom, inner power and inner divinity, you can start to realise your worth is not about how useful or helpful you are, so you can stop people pleasing and start realising your right to joy, to peace and to be who you want to be. 

By helping you realise the love available to you in the Universe, you start to truly love and honour who you are and in doing you will have healthier happier relationships in all areas of your life. 

This programme includes hours and hours of pre-recorded content for you to access at a time to suit you, monthly Serene Spiritual Guided meditations, journal prompts and challenges, access to a beautiful community of likeminded like-hearted women and twice monthly group video calls, with meditations, coaching and card readings. 

Investment £777 in advance or £111 per month. 

a VIP option with 121 coaching once a month is also available at £1234

Next start date to be confirmed – though planning for September 2023

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Serene Spiritual® Guidance Session

These sessions allow me to give you an in-depth Spirit Guide Card Reading, whilst also providing you with spirit-led coaching and mentoring. 


Often your Guides have been wanting to help you and guide you, but have not been able to get through, as we get so distracted by life. However, I can help you get those messages they have been wanting to hear, whilst also helping you to feel the unconditional love they have for you. 


These sessions are approximately 60 mins , and are available online or face to face. 


Investment required £111

SErene Spiritual® Development Course

Over the course of 4 weeks, I will teach you how i connect with my spirit guides, so you can do it too. 

When you connect with your spirit guides, the love that comes through is unconditional, pure and unending and can have a deep impact on you and your life. 

It may be that you just wish to connect with your guides for their support around your life, but you may also wish to connect with them to enhance your work as a healer, therapist or any other line of work. Their guidance can truly enhance all areas of your life.  

I will share with you my SAT method (Still, Allow, Trust) for developing a stronger connection with your spirit guides.

I will share with you how I work with  Oracle Cards and Dowsing Crystals/pendulums. And how you can start sharing messages from Spirit Guides with your fellow group members in a safe, supportive environment.

Once you have completed the course, you will then be invited to join the Serene Spiritual. Development Circle, which meets monthly to allow us to keep practising and developing together. This circle is a group of beautiful souls who will support you and l cheer you on every step of the way. 

This course is run online via Zoom, quarterly, with a maximum of 8 people so I can give you all my full attention and support.

Investment required £333  

Next Course TBC

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