Healing Mother Wounds With the Love of the Universe


I am Geraldine Crane your Serene, Spiritual Empowerment Guide – Spiritual Mentor/Coach/Hypnotherapist and Speaker.


I help women whose hearts have been hurt by their relationship with their mothers, to find peace, regain their strength, and develop a loving relationship with themselves, so they can have happier, healthier relationships with others. 


I help them to rediscover who they truly are and to reconnect with their inner divinity & power, and the love of their spirit guides. 


Having a toxic or difficult relationship with your mother is not something many of us feel comfortable talking about, due to feelings of guilt and shame, or fear of judgment from others. And often we don’t even realise all the consequences of this toxic relationship; like people pleasing, hyper-independence, never feeling enough, attracting toxic partners and friends, feeling a deep responsibility to fix other people’s problems, having constant anxiety that we may have said the wrong thing to someone, or a lack of trust in ourselves and our judgement. All of which is EXHAUSTING!!


But you can find peace, you can regain your strength and you can love yourself without guilt or shame. And, one of the greatest benefits of this work is that as you develop a happier, healthier with yourself, you naturally start to attract and create happier, healthier relationships with others. I know because I have done exactly that. And now I want to help you do the same so you can realise how DIVINELY MAGNIFICENT YOU ARE!

Trust in your Magnificence

Over the last few years, I have developed my ‘SERENE way’ of working to help you find yourself again. To realise your strength and find peace. 


Due to my professional background as a Probation Officer and Domestic Abuse Recovery Work, and more recently qualifying as a Clinical hypnotherapist in 2019, I have been able to bring together all those therapeutic tools, with my 20 years of spiritual development and my own personal experience of recovering from a toxic mother-daughter relationship after I cut contact with my mother over 5 years ago, to bring you a truly unique way of working.


I use Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Coaching (along with the occasional Spirit Guide reading) to help you let go of some of the deep negative programmes in your subconscious and help you to connect with your true self and the love of your Spirit Guides. So you can start accepting and loving every part of yourself and know how bloody amazing you truly are!


And the better the relationship you have with yourself, the better the relationships you have with others!

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