My Story

                                                              When choosing a coach or therapist, it always helps to see if their story resonates with you, so here’s mine…

So what do I do?

During my own healing journey, after ending my toxic relationship with my mother, I found some of the most powerful healing came from connecting with the unconditional love of my Spirit Guides.  


When you haven’t had unconditional love from your mother or significant caregiver, it can leave you feeling broken in some way. But when you connect with your Spirit Guides, they are able to show you what a beautiful divine soul you truly are. They can help you to realise your worth and embrace who you true self. 


During my healing journey, I also discovered the power of hypnotherapy, to help you release yourself of any negative programming that may be a result of that toxic relationship. All helping you to stop people pleasing, stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s problems and start trusting in yourself again.


And so I developed my own way of combining spiritual connection with hypnotherapy and coaching to help you to connect with your guides and find the inner peace, strength, and self-love that is your right.


Furthermore, I also love to bring you all I have learned through my own professional experience, spiritual development, and personal healing through my Serene Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring.  We explore the impact of the relationship on you and use various spiritual principles, to help you to calm your mind, gain confidence and give yourself the compassion and tenderness you deserve. 

Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy

And why do I do what i do?

5 years ago I was in a very dark place, I had just lost what I thought was my dream job as a Domestic Abuse Recovery Worker, due to issues within the charity. I had moved into working with Domestic Abuse Victims after many years working as a probation officer and Substance Misuse worker, due to my passion for supporting people facing this issue.


However, whilst doing this work I had been slowly realising that the toxic behaviour I was helping many of my clients recover from, was actually far too familiar to me, and with the help of an experienced counsellor came to realise how harmful my relationship was with my mother. 


After many attempts to shift the relationship and trying to put healthy boundaries in place, I realised it was only getting worse. I realised if I was ever going to be well and finally recover from the chronic anxiety I had been battling since being very young, if I ever wanted to be the mother to my children I wanted to be, I had to cut contact. 


It was the most difficult thing I have ever done. But it was also the most significant, as it sent me on an incredible healing journey. I reconnected with my spiritual development, which I had started in my 20s, and I reconnected with family I had been emotionally isolated from. Most importantly I reconnected with myself and started truly loving who am, and in doing so have attracted the most amazing people and opportunities into my life. 

Now I am so grateful for my journey and feel so blessed to be able to help others find their peace too. 




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