You Have a Right to be Happy

June 1, 2021

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You have just as much a right to be happy as anyone else. There isn’t a limit to the amount of happiness in the world. You being happy can only benefit those who love you.


Happiness comes from within, so it is a choice you are free to make when you allow yourself


As divine beings our natural state is one of peace and joy, but we get distracted by life and forget our true nature, instead attaching our happiness to external things. 


So whenever I start to feel down, anxious or agitated, I know that is my signal to slow down, and go inward. Time to reconnect with my true self, soul self.


I am human and so don’t live in pure peace and joy all the time (I wish, I did), but I know it is there waiting for me, inside, if I just slow down, reconnect and allow. Sometimes, just knowing it is there for me and will return, helps get me through the darker days.

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