This is Me

May 19, 2021

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So this is me, just me, no filters makeup or anything exciting happening. Because if there is one thing I have learnt from setting up my own business and starting to market myself it’s that you have to be yourself…100% you.


For one reason it is bloody exhausting either hiding your trueself or pretending to be someone else.


Plus when you are properly aligned with your trueself, your vibration is high and you naturally attract the right people and opportunities to you. 


People see your authenticity and are drawn to it.


And finally, not being yourself makes any issues around anxiety, ten times worse.


So I have worked hard and got the help to stop worrying about what others think and I am just being me and I truly wish the same for all of you

So how did I do it…


First I let go of the toxic people


Then I reconnected with my soul self through my Spiritual work, which really helped me to truly love myself.


I got an amazing coach who helped me to see I was experiencing my thoughts not my circumstances (thanks Peter Sleigh )


Then I got an amazing Hypnotherapist to rewire my brain through repetition (thanks Cat Marshall ) 


Now I can honestly say I no longer worry what others think and just aim to shine my light as bright as I can so I can help others shine theirs

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