Releasing sadness

July 16, 2021

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TW – self harm


Just the other day I was feeling overwhelmed and lost, which soon developed into a deep sadness in me. I kept feeling the need to cry. I knew the sadness I was feeling was not just from what was going on now, but was also bringing up sadness that had previously been repressed.


I also knew I was feeling sad because I was believing something that wasn’t true, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. 


So I used self hypnosis and my connection with my guides to find out what was going on. I relaxed my mind and focused on the sadness – where I was feeling it in my body. Then I asked my guides to show me where it was coming from and what belief was I believing, that I needed to shift. 


I was immediately taken to a very painful memory. I was 11 years old, in my childhood kitchen, sitting with my mum, who was trying to cut herself with scissors, as she was deeply depressed. I was alone and scared.


The sadness was, understandably, coming from a deep feeling of being out of my depth and a belief that I was not equipped to deal with it (by this point I was crying so hard it was ripping through my whole body, and I let it as I wanted to release the sadness)

Then I took my younger self in my arms and held her. I let her know that actually she does handle it, but also that it was not her fault. I told her how amazing, strong and resilient she was, and that this would pass. I told her that she was not alone, that her spirit team are with her and always will be. I also reassured her that help was available from family, I just didn’t see it then, but that I was always loved. 


Then I went into a deep relaxation as spirit helped me to process and rest. On waking the sadness had lifted. 


Negative feelings are an indicator that you are believing something that isn’t true. 


Also you often are not just feeling the emotion linked to that current event, but also from past events when the emotion got repressed. Hence why it can often seem like we are over reacting to things. 


Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to release these repressed emotions, I’m so grateful to have these in tools to help others (and myself when needed ) 


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