Love Your Body

June 16, 2021

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I’ve been really battling with myself recently…feeling really yucky about my body. 


So I have been exercising more and changed my diet a little (I really don’t believe in diets, so none of that for me). 


However, once I gave myself some stillness and reconnected with my awareness/my higher self/inner wisdom (however you like to describe it), I realised I was trying to change my body from a point of dissatisfaction and fear. 


I was trying to make change from a low vibration, this needed to change. 


So I first started working on accepting and loving my body as it is. I did this by focusing on what my body gives me. 



In meditation my guides pointed me to all my body has given me, wonderful hours of dancing like crazy with friends, 2 beautiful children, hugs with loved ones, long walks in beautiful scenery and not to mention intimacy with my husband


My body is amazing and gives me so much and so now I am exercising and eating healthily out of a love for my body. It’s my way of saying thank you for all its given me.


Changing my mindset from fear to love, will lift my vibration and enable me to co- create with the universe, the body I want but even more important how I experience and feel about my body. 


My body is a temporary vessel to help me experience this world and the way I think about it completely dictates how I see and feel about it.


So I’m am going to love my body completely and give thanks for all it has given me…lumpy bits and all!!


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