Choose Love

July 27, 2021

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Choose Love with Geraldine Crane

💗I asked for a card to share and I drew this one from @gabbybernstein ‘The universe has your back’ deck.

I recognize that I have chosen fear, and I choose again, I choose love. 


💗I love this!


😔So often when I’m not feeling good, I realise I have chosen a fearful perspective. I have started worrying about an imagined future or started believing something that isn’t true, something that is based in fear. 


But I now know I don’t have to stay there. Now, instead I observe the feeling. I watch it to see what belief it is coming from. Not resisting it, just simply observing it. 


I don’t try to fix it, I just observe it. Often when I do I can see learning that I can take from it. 


💗Then I choose love. 


💗To do that, I focus on the feeling of love. How it feels in my body when I think of something or someone I love and focus on that feeling. 


💫That feeling helps me to get back into alignment with my true nature and the universe (as it is all made of love). This brings a sense of peace and from there wisdom can bubble up and I seem to naturally know what I need to do. So don’t fight fear or negative feelings, observe them, see if there is any learning there. Then step into the feeling of. Love and allow it to lift you up so you can see more clearly again 🙏💗🙏💗🙏

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