Be Present

May 28, 2021

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Only the now truly exists. The past only exists in memory, which is thought and the future only exists in our imagination…again it’s thought.


So when we spend time and energy thinking about the past which we cannot change or imaginary futures we cannot possibly predict, we are simply throwing our prescious energy out of the window.


So take a deep breath focus on your body, focus on your surroundings and be aware of your thoughts, allow them to simply flow through but don’t over examine them, that will bring you back to your present moment. And it is in this moment that we can change our experience of life.


So this weekend be present and have some fun, laughter is a brilliant way to being you into the present, so go be silly, be with people who make you smile and make the most of now


If this is a struggle for you, you are certainly not alone in that. It has taken me years, but get in touch, sending love 

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