Attaching my happiness

July 22, 2021

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All my life I attached my happiness to external stuff – money, holidays, other people, even the weather! Certainly not reliable sources of joy


But now that I understand my natural state, as a divine being, is joy and calm, I now know that my happiness is my responsibility and my right.


I don’t need to anything to be happy, I just have to let go and allow myself to be happy.


I am human so I am not super happy 24/7, sometimes I get distracted, especially when my mind gets noisy. But I always know that if I give my some stillness, I can reconnect with my divine, true self and a inner gentle happiness.


Most importantly, I have also learnt that I am not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. That is up to them.


So I no longer bend over backwards to keep others happy, but instead focus on my own joy and hope it ripples out to others and help show them how to do the same.

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